About Us


Mary’s Mission and Development Center is a CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitative Facilities) accredited non-profit 501-C3 organization licensed by the Arizona Department of Behavioral Health.

The organization provides therapeutic and educational services to individuals and their families throughout the state of Arizona and surrounding states.

Services are provided based upon evidence practices and models used by successful behavioral health organizations throughout the U.S. We provide Youth Services, DUI Services,
Outpatient Services and many others.

Mission Statement: To promote self-sufficiency throughout the community by providing individuals with the appropriate supportive services, tools, and resources, to help them grow, make positive changes, and achieve long-term independence.


  • 2010 Received CARF Accreditation
  • Received thousands of dollars through grant funding from AZ DOT
  • Assists over 1,000 families a year



A Message From our CEO:

As an organization whose board consists of veterans and minorities that have proven statistics wrong, we strive to share our experiences, skills, and knowledge with others.

We pride ourselves in being able to provide services to communities that are in direct alignment with the core values of our organization and our nation. We expect the success of our program will help strengthen the organization’s image and visibility not only in the state of Arizona but throughout the United States of America.

We also pride ourselves in employing highly skilled staff that are dedicated to preserving the integrity of every client with respect to racial, cultural, ethnic, or religion differences.

Thank you so much for your continued support of our organization! By working together we CAN make a difference.

– Major William Lacey | Chief Executive Officer/Administrator

Management Team:

Major William Lacey Jr. | Chief Executive Officer/Administrator
(520) 266-2658 | wyecal@msn.com

Juanita Lopez | Executive Director
(520) 234-4379 | jlopez@marys-mission.com

Art Barcelo | Program Director
(520) 266-2654 | abarcelo@marys-mission.com

Lindsey Celado |Executive Director
(520) 417-2115 | linzee.parrotta@mmdcinc.org

Wayne Wilridge | Case Manager & Behavioral Health Technician
(520) 266-2662 | wwilridge@marys-mission.com

Eddie Flores | Behavioral Health Technician
(520) 266-2646 | eflores@marys-mission.com

Monique Lacey | Outpatient Program Director
(480) 844-0011 | mlacey@marys-mission.com

Clinical Team:

Dr. Craig Whitman, PhD | LCSW

Dr. Randy Klein, PhD

For general inquires email us at admin@marys-mission.com.